We believe every business is unique and has different needs whether it is a small startup or large enterprise. Our end goal is making sure your business runs easily, and with more efficiency. Your organization’s plan to migrate to the cloud should not come at a financial cost that is unbearable to your business. So, we make ourselves available to walk your team through the process to better align your IT needs to your business objectives.

From our conversations with your team, we know how cloud-ready your organization is and what cloud deployment model presently best suits your business. Considering a Public Cloud, Private or Hybrid Cloud deployment model which helps us define where your data is stored and how your customers interact with it – how do they get to it and where the applications run! We also help determine how much of your infrastructure you want or need to manage. The ability to combine different cloud services like IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS to meet and fit your needs is key for giving the best value for your investment. Generally, our cloud computing services is around:

  • Compute power – such as Linux servers or web applications
  • Storage – such as files and databases
  • Networking – such as secure connections between the cloud provider and your company
  • Analytics – such as visualizing telemetry and performance data

 The following benefits are what we bring along with our cloud computing solutions;

  • A cost-effective solution which provides a pay-as-you-go or consumption-based model
  • A scalable solution giving you either vertical or horizontal scaling options
  • An elastic solution which helps in compensating for workloads changes due to spike or drop in demand
  • Current: You can focus on what matters, building and deploying applications without the extra burden of maintaining software patches, hardware setup, upgrades and other IT management tasks
  • A reliable solution that ensures your data is always available
  • Global cloud providers that have fully redundant datacenters located in various all over the world
  • Security: Abroad set of policies, technologies, controls and expert technical skills are provided which results in strengthened security, which helps to protect data, apps, and infrastructures from potential threats.

    We are very aware of the importance of your data to the seamless running of your day-to-day critical business processes so we provide easy, complete and safe solutions for your data either in local, remote, cloud or mobile devices. Our data management solutions include physical, virtual and cloud server backup software, storage management, secure file sharing and system deployment which we provide for consumers, small-medium businesses and enterprises

    Across industries, organizations recognize that downtime can quickly result in lost revenue. Unfortunately, natural disasters, human error, security breaches and ransomware attacks can all jeopardize the availability of IT resources. Any downtime can derail your customer satisfaction, reduce employee productivity, destroy data and halt business processes. Our understanding of the essentials of backup and recovery becomes critical in minimizing the impact of unplanned downtime on your business.

    Our team is able to work through the process with your organization in making strategic decisions to better enable your organization evaluate backup and disaster recovery solutions options, delivering high values on your RTO, RPO, Failover, Failback, Restore needs. We also offer services around DRaaS (Disaster Recovery as a Service) if you are considering alternatives for managing your disaster recovery processes and your disaster recovery environment


    The security of your data from unauthorized access and data corruption through its lifecycle is of utmost importance to us. Your data requires the needed security measures on different threat vectors from lateral movement of threats within the network, network perimeter and even up to the cloud giving your organization an end-to-end security posture that guarantees the integrity of your data at any point.

    Why Data Security?

    The threat landscape has become so dynamic in recent years that traditional technologies like signature-based detection and heuristic analysis do not suffice anymore to combat today’s threats. So organizations around the world presently invest heavily in information security (IT) cyber defense capabilities to protect their critical assets.

    Whether your organization needs to protect a brand, intellectual capital, and customer information or even critical infrastructure, then your approach to incident detection and response to protecting your organization interests becomes of high priority.

    Bizcomm Networks Limited has partnerships with some of the top security OEM vendors in the industry to provide pre, post and technical support services to organizations like yours. We are able to simplify the protection of sensitive data even the most complex use cases providing services around;

    • Cloud access security syncing with major Cloud Service Providers
    • Data Encryption
    • Enterprise Data Protection
    • Financial Payment Systems Security
    • Mobile App Security
    • Web Browser Security
    • E-Mail Security
    • Unified Threat Management
    • CyberSecurity Services – Next Generation solutions to Predict, Prevent, Detect and Respond to cyberattacks.

      Your organization’s entire network connectivity, communication, operation and management, whether an SME or larger enterprises should be heavily dependent on the speed and reliability of these processes in delivering seamless communication path and services between users, processes, applications, services and external networks/internet especially as businesses move towards cloud-based infrastructure.

      We deliver services and solutions to help with your network infrastructure needs which include wireless network connectivity, routing, LAN/WAN infrastructure deployments, network operations, and management.


      To keep pace with today’s datacenter high storage and processing demands which sometimes can result in huge inefficiencies and excessive operating costs, we also provide virtualization solutions from your network servers, datacenters up to your cloud infrastructures bringing to your organization benefits that include economies of scale and greater efficiency.

      With our virtualization technologies, we provide your organization increased IT agility, greater workload mobility, increased performance, availability of resources, flexibility, scalability, minimized or eliminated downtime, far improved business continuity and disaster recovery, reduced capital and operating costs, a simplified and true software-defined datacenter etc.

      We provide different types of virtualization which include server, network, and desktop virtualization


      In today’s business environment, we recognize that there is a shift in the way we communicate especially as our world continues to move towards the future workplace. Your organization is presently characterized by remote working, mobile employees and diverse offices but a complex, disjointed communication stack will surely slow down your processes. Your company needs a solution that is agile, aligned and ready to scale at any time.

      Our partnerships with top OEMs in this space helps us deliver platforms over the cloud giving you’re the ability to thrive in today’s complex business environment. We help you connect your communication offering on one platform whether you are investing in voice communication, text messaging, video conferencing, team collaboration or anything else.

      So whether you are looking at communication strategies on-premise, in the cloud or through hybrid cloud investments, we deliver a converged, open and innovative approach to your unified communication needs


      Your home equipment and office infrastructures which are heavily dependent on energy can be kept running all day even with power interruptions from the national grid with our green energy management solutions.

      Our green energy management offering comes clean, and is capable of syncing between your households or office energy dependent infrastructures, and local energy providers, to optimize your energy consumption. This type of collaboration between energy shareholders brings about a reduction in consumer electrical bill, manage power flow and consumption.

      We integrate renewable and storage energy resources at your consumption premises after going through a proper site survey and power audit session with our specialized power technical personnel to provide a best-fit solution for your environment.

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